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Two countries and one Chamber of Commerce are cooperating to fulfil people dreams, needs or simple wishes in business, in culture, in education, in normal life of our communities, in friendship.

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To make money is easy when you are working with correct partners. Probably, the Romania – Iceland Chamber of Commerce is the best place to meet people, to develop projects, to do money.

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About people, about our communities. We should improve our way to do business , improving our life in communities, to bring together communities, to sustain people, to have a social responsibility action. We should improve our living environment, to protect nature.

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About values, about history, about education, about the way improving the exchange of both countries cultural values.

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Two wonderful countries, with fantastic landscape and touristic capabilities, having some unique opportunities, should work together and introduce each other.

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Distance for developers do not exist. You can stay in Romania


Opportunities are around us. With us you will make it real life, real succeses.

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We are feeling your needs, we are fulfilling your wishes. Be with us and it will happen!